Latest Update
by Administrator

Latest Update:
- Fixed ::zombies npc health ect. ++
- Fixed donator zone teleport true tab for staff.++
- Fixed Squeal Of Fortune if you click "play again" You lose your reward. ++
- Nerfed Obstacle pipe in barbarian outpost to 11 exp per action. With the skilling exp rate of 14, 11*14*60*60=554,400 exp/h ++
- 120 capes (skill master capes) except invention should be able to be worn at 104,273,167 exp ++
- lookinto gilded dragon pickaxe can't wear it same level as dragon ++
- Add attack anim (lucky) saradomin sword ++
- Make Dungeoneering keys get 2 instead of 1. + make it send to inventory if enough space and to bank if not enough space ++
- Thieving stalls, you can thief 2 times per stall reset if you spam click (Fixed adjusted timers a bit) ++
- Add charm bar to vote or Fog store? Added to vote store (website) 115Points ::reward 14 ++
- Changed "Bar magnet" in-game item name to "Charm magnet" ++
- Runecrafting pouches don't work. Fixed ++
- Changed dung store item prices cache sided to change visual price in store ++
- Add in Graphic Designer Rank (Congratz Tom!) ++
Posted on: 12/02/2018 is the original date. This will review the latest update of FudgeScape. And is up to date. (May 14th 2018)

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