Latest Update
by Administrator

Latest Update:
- Fixed the making of Overloads. ++
- Fixed Drygore Mace +off-hand stats. ++
- Added Earmuffs into the Slayer store. ++
- Added a second farming store with fruit tree seeds in it. ++
- When the cooking cape is equipped, any food cooked by the player will never become burnt, essentially acting as a superior substitute for cooking gauntlets. ++
- Added the mining of Blurite ore. ++
- Added the melting of Blurite ore. Into Blurite bar. ++
- Added working shortcut to the blurite section located at ::wyverns ++
- Added the smithing of Blurite. ++
- Added the correct slayer requirement to Skeletal Wyverns. ++
- Added a ::chair command for legendary donator+  ++
- Added Dragon Warhammer in-game ++
- Added Dragon Warhammer into the "Pure Store". Removed Game Necklace out of the "Pure Store" and placed it into the "F2P Store". ++

Posted on: 12/02/2018 is the original starting post date. However, this will review the latest update of FudgeScape. And is up to date. (June 28th 2018).

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